Unforgettable moments with unforgettable people

Choosing an airline used to mean something.

We've created an airline for the betterment of all humanity. Where everyone is treated as a first-class citizen.

An airline can provide access to a better life. It is the gateway to unforgettable memories with those you love.

Welcome to Airline 4.0

About Us

Airline 4.0 is a startup transportation compnay, incorporated and based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Founded in 2014 our mission is to provide non-stop international service from medium-sized markets in the U.S.

Our focus on technology to improve operational efficiency and the passenger expereince and the passenger expereince truly makes us the next generation airline.


We plan to invest in the growth of tourism and local industries in support of maintaining Las Vegas' reputation as a world-class destination. Simply put, we want to be the best airline you fly.


Airline 4.0 will foster a global community through culture and commerce to revolutionize the airline passenger experience.

Airline 4.0 will be innovative and proactive in deploying new technology and methodology for the benefit of its employees and passengers.

Through focusing on a strong workforce and customer appreciation, Airline 4.0 will be the premier global lifestyle airline.


Position Title: Chief Executive Officer


The Next Generation Airline seeks the next generation Skygod. As CEO of AIRLINE 4.0 you will be responsible for completing the final startup stage, which is the raising of capital and debt financing and the recruitment of key personnel necessary to complete the Air Operator's Certificate application.

Upon commencement of operations, you will constantly challenge every employee at every level to deliver the best airline product in the world. A venerable industry trailblazer.


The next generation Skygod must posses a strong competitive spirit that can be scaled to the global level.

Financial acumen and appreciation for international culture are a must in order to fulfill the mission of AIRLINE 4.0

Lastly, an insatiable wanderlust.

If you meet these qualifications to become the next generation Skygod then email skygod@airline4.com with your contact info with the following:

Subject: (YOUR NAME) Next Generation Skygod

A five (5) sentence cover paragraph,

Three (3) one (1) sentence bulleted highlights.